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Welcome to San Jose Screenprinting my name is Dean. I started designing T-Shirts in the early 70s.
Click on my logo or DTG Gallery to veiw my work.
T Shirt Designs by Dean WalkerDirect To Garment Digital (DTG) T-Designs
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Let's get started... Call me
1-(408) 693-0869
  Calling me will speed up getting started. I will help with your budget, concept, and art.  
  (1) Budget  
    I will help you understand what options best fit your budget  
  (2) Concept  
    I will help you develope ideas that are affordab;e to produce  
  (3) Art.  
    In most cases if the art uses vector clipart and added text I will design your screenprint ART for FREE.  
    Start by sending me your contact info and call.  
    Please click on Submit.  
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T-shirt Printing Quotes are based on...

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  (1) Number of imprints per design.  
  (2) Number of colors per deisign.  
  (3) Total garment cost.  
  First I need your contact information.
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Call at (408) 693-0869
FREE Art dept. assessment begins immediately!

Detailed Bid
You get a fully detailed bid with Terms for your approval. No hidden or add on costs. You know just what your shirts will cost.
We Deliver
At San Jose Screen Printing, we deliver quality shirts on time and correct! Your order will be silk- screened on high quality tee shirts using the latest in high tech printing systems. The colors will be vibrant, the shirts will last and last. All that and on-time delivery. Call us now and get started! You will not be disappointed.The best in screen printing in San Jose Ca.

Screenprint DTG
Direct to Garment

  • Directly Printed On Your Shirt
  • Full Color - One or Millions
  • Perfect for shorter shirt runs- Even just one shirt!
  • Super Soft Feel!
  • Affordable Full Color
  • No Minimum Order!

Silk Screening

  • High Impact Color
  • Basic 1 color, or up to 11 colors
  • A superior cost-effective solution for volume printing
  • State of the art facility means beautiful shirts for you!
Avoid These

  *Out of Control Shirt Costs- Add-on costs change the whole picture, make sure you get the FINAL cost, not just some low ball per shirt quote, without all the screen and color fees. I will quote you a price that cover the whole job!

  *Botched Color separations- Only an expert can get your ducks in a row here. I will. makes sure your design is print-ready!

  *No Art Help- Without a competant artist to assist, your files will get run just as they are- Whatever happens happens! At San Jose Screenprinting, I will lend a guiding hand to ensure quality shirts are the outcome- on time and perfect!